The Dark. Outside.

24 Hours of Music nobody has heard in a place where nobody might hear it. Murrays Monument, The Galloway Forest

Unless more than 24 hours worth of recordings get sent in, everything and I mean EVERYTHING submitted so far gets played. This is not about me inflicting my musical taste upon a forest, it’s about people wanting their recordings broadcast in a forest. That means everyone mentioned so far on the ‘Who is Taking Part' page ( at the top of the page ), which is everyone who has sent something in, will be broadcast over FM in The Galloway Forest.

There’s over 10 hours of music sent in so far. Thank you everyone !
I have noticed that having your music broadcast in a forest to nobody in particular seems to appeal more to electronic artists. ie. Those that use synths. Now I’d really like more of everything. Last year there was opera, poetry, folk, dub, post rock, prog, pop and what have you.  So if anyone reading this has anything at all they’d like broadcast in a forest to nobody in particular, please get in touch. All genres, languages, formats accepted.  The only criteria is that nobody or very few people will have heard it before. 

Thank you

As the whole idea of The Dark Outside was to play music that nobody had heard before in a place where nobody might be listening I’m sorry but I cannot accept any tracks that have had dozens/hundreds/thousands etc.. of listens/plays/views on soundcloud/youtube and what have you. 

If you have anything at all, rough mixes/demos/unreleased tracks/rejected remixes/rehearsals/alt mixes/live versions… that nobody has heard then they’re in. 

Thank you

Just to remind you I can only broadcast things nobody has heard before. Don’t be too upset if I contact you to let you know I can’t play the submitted track.