As the whole idea of The Dark Outside was to play music that nobody had heard before in a place where nobody might be listening I’m sorry but I cannot accept any tracks that have had dozens/hundreds/thousands etc.. of listens/plays/views on soundcloud/youtube and what have you. 

If you have anything at all, rough mixes/demos/unreleased tracks/rejected remixes/rehearsals/alt mixes/live versions… that nobody has heard then they’re in. 

Thank you

Just to remind you I can only broadcast things nobody has heard before. Don’t be too upset if I contact you to let you know I can’t play the submitted track. 

For anyone wanting to take part, all you have to do is : 

1. Have a piece of music / recording (doesn’t have to be music - can be anything at all) that nobody, or at least, very few people have heard before.
2. Send it to me !  - either send links if it’s online to Examples of storage places online are ;
WeTransfer -
Hightail (formerly YouSendIt) -
Dropbox -
Copy -
(Google Drive, or any other online file storage sites)
send it via Soundcloud or cut and paste the private link, remembering to make it downloadable first. -
3. worst case scenario I can always supply my home address for any physical media ( has happened before )

That should be it. 
Look forward to hearing you. 

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