Near Extinction


During THE DARK. OUTSIDE. event Espen J Jörgensen´s new film NEAR
EXTINCTION featuring a score by Rupert Lally will have its premiere.

Lally and Jörgensen´s collaboration has been a purely musical one up
till now, where Espen recorded instruments and sounds and sent it to
Rupert, who recomposed it as well as adding his own recordings.

NEAR EXTINCTION was directed, shot and edited by Jörgensen, which
Lally had to make a musical response to. A challenge when several
minutes are in pitch darkness.

"I can´t make it easy for him," says Jörgensen, "but I think this is
one of  Rupert´s best pieces to date”.

"I have, like with my music, no need to talk about the film. I think
people will either love it or hate it. Everything that provokes
something else than indifference is great for me,” concludes Espen.

Rupert Lally and Espen J Jörgensen also have an unreleased track from
the THIS IS ART album, which will be played during THE DARK. OUTSIDE.
24/7 radio broadcast.

The soundtrack will be available at:

The Dark. Outside.:

For more info and stills - contact:

Need Directions ?

If using SatNav, try using Talnotry as a destination - if that fails try DG8 7BL as a postcode - The postcode will either take you straight there or a bit further up the A712 - BAsically go along the A712 and look to see if you can spot a large monument on a hill.,+Dumfries+and+Galloway+DG8+7BL/55.0198262,-4.3620983/@55.0207479,-4.3604099,1852m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m8!4m7!1m5!1m1!1s0x4862f48ebc24d415:0xaa9712eaadedd6d1!2m2!1d-4.3415231!2d55.0227895!1m0

That Google Map should be centred on the Grey Mare’s Tail Bridge which is where you want to go to. 

If you’re heading down for the evening then it should be easy to spot as we will be lighting things up. (we will be switching the lights back off so, clouds permitting, you’ll be able to see the dark skies above)

Meanwhile over at

gttvid asked:

Hi. Great project. Bruce McClure suggested I get in touch as I'd like one of our (Gum Takes Tooth) tracks played in this forest. What's the submission deadline? There is a track on our forthcoming album that I have in mind but that's not out for a few weeks. Jussi

Hello ! 

Bruce mentioned he’d be telling people about it earlier.  The deadline is the 25th of September so anytime before then would be perfect - if you send a link to in any format you’re happy with